Sale of the U-bolts business completed

2018 June, 29th

Frauenthal-Group the sale of its U-bolts operations to America’s Hendrickson Group. The transaction involved the disposal of a 100% shares in Frauenthal Automotive Toruń Sp.zo.o in Poland. In business year 2017, the company reported revenue of around EUR 13 million. It currently employs 200 people. The related contract was signed on 30 May 2018, and the price was not disclosed.

This step towards optimising our investment portfolio is in line with group strategy of active investment management, with a view to continuously enhancing its shareholder value in the long term. In the Hendrickson Group, which also acquired the leaf spring and stabiliser operations in 2014, the U-Bolts product group has found a setting in which it can realise its full potential.