Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is a leading priority at the Frauenthal Group in terms of our social, environmental and economic responsibilities.

The Group’s policies are geared towards promoting responsible management that creates added value in the long run. Our CSR strategy comprises the three main pillars of people, planet and profit, and sustainability is a guiding principle for each of these aspects. It covers everything from generating long-term value to a product range and product development that take account of environmental factors, as well as efficient production processes that conserve resources, treating employees and customers with respect, and implementing social initiatives.

Resource-efficient products and production processes

The entire Group is committed to minimising the consumption of resources, because efficient production methods translate into ecological and financial gains. At Frauenthal Automotive efficiency comes in the shape of reduced energy use and lower reject rates. Environmental aspects play a significant part in product development. Frauenthal Automotive is pioneering the design of lighter components with longer useful lives, which in turn makes an important contribution to the development of more environmentally friendly commercial vehicles and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

The Frauenthal Handel Division’s product range gives prominence to products based on renewable energy technologies, such as photovoltaics, heat pumps and solar thermal systems, as well as products that help to save water. As far as internal activities are concerned, the division promotes the efficient use of resources through its SHT eco initiative, which includes the installation of photovoltaic systems at the division’s plants, the use of ecofriendly printing methods for the sales catalogue, and energy-saving measures. 

Environmental protection

Group companies comply with all the relevant environmental licensing conditions, legislation, orders and notices. Our employees receive comprehensive health, safety and environment information and training.

Social responsibility

The Frauenthal Group is fully aware of its responsibilities towards the community, and supports and initiates educational measures and programmes aimed at people in need.