The group uses a number of innovative HR development tools to ensure the effective development of our people. These tools play a significant part in the following career paths:

Trainee programme

The trainee programme has been an integral component of our development initiatives for up-and-coming managers. It gives dedicated new recruits the chance to find out more about the group’s wide-ranging operations and gather initial experience in the course of various projects.

Expert career

The expert career path is backed up by systematic career planning. Covering a range of levels from junior through to senior, the responsibilities and requirements for experts are clearly defined, with comprehensive support in the development of specialist and soft skills. Experts are central to the production process, ensuring the long-term success of our products and services, meaning that YOUR development and YOUR standing in the company are particularly important to us.

Project career

Would you like to take on additional responsibility and work in an interdisciplinary environment? Then we have just what you’re looking for! As a project manager, you will be responsible for initiating projects, putting together your team and bringing the project to a successful conclusion, with a focus on efficiency and customer benefits.

Management career

A managerial position involves assuming responsibility for your employees and your section of the company. Managers flourish in line with these responsibilities and as a result of effective training and development programmes. We smooth your career path by offering a variety of personal development methods, group-wide networks, and the transfer of skills and responsibilities.


“We need the brightest minds to make sure we continue to grow in the future.”