The Frauenthal Group 

  • Is a diversified group;
  • Sees itself as an industrial investor, and pursues a buy and build strategy,
  • Invests in growth in order to achieve an attractive ROCE
  • Aims for leading positions in the markets in which it operates;
  • Makes acquisitions in order to extend its customer relationships, product portfolio, and geographical reach or key competencies;
  • Has gained defensible competitive advantage by offering customer benefits in the shape of superior product and service quality.

The Frauenthal Group is committed to sustainable growth in all its activities. We aim to strike a balance between relying on product and process innovation, greenfield investments and well-chosen add-on acquisitions as our growth drivers. 

As a company with most of its production sites in Western and Central Europe, Frauenthal's success can only be sustained by continuous improvement of its products, services and production processes. The benefits these locations bring us are closeness to major customers, a strong technological base and good logistics. Our sites in Eastern Europe, with their lower cost base, are a good match for the locations in high wage countries.