Business development

Frauenthal is an industrial holding company that aims for long-term value growth. We look for attractive investment opportunities that will strengthen the Group in the long run and maximise shareholder value. In contrast to a typical private equity investor, Frauenthal believes in holding on to its investments and developing them.

Extensive M&A, restructuring and turnaround experience, and a proven ability to grow industrial and wholesale companies underpin the professionalism with which the Frauenthal management team conducts international transactions and integrates acquisitions. Frauenthal is a powerful M&A player thanks to its financial strength, and a flat hierarchy that permits quick decisions.


Investment strategy - strength through diversity

Working in tandem with other core management functions, Business Development strives to carve out strong market positions and enduring competitive advantages for acquirees following their integration into the Group. We normally seek majority holdings in our acquisitions, and a controlling influence over their manufacturing operations. Consequently, the main focus when looking for potential takeover targets is on:

We see acquisition opportunities especially in three main areas:

Frauenthal’s approach to business development is holistic, rather than being confined to acquisitions alone. The function is embedded at parent level and in the operational units, and interfaces with other departments such as HR and Innovation Management to support the Group’s long-term development. Our business development effort is an integral component of Group strategy, and promotes efficient resource allocation across the Group as a whole.

If you need further information about the Business Development Department, or have information that could assist us in our activities, please contact us here.