Business development

Frauenthal is an active investor that aims for long-term value growth. We look for attractive investment opportunities that will strengthen the Group in the long run and maximise shareholder value. In contrast to a typical private equity investor, Frauenthal believes in holding on to its investments and developing them.

Extensive M&A, restructuring and turnaround experience, and a proven ability to grow industrial and wholesale companies underpin the professionalism with which the Frauenthal management team conducts national/international transactions and integrates acquisitions.


Investment strategy - strength through diversity

Frauenthal Holding AG considers itself as a strategic investor, which is oriented towards the sustainable creation of Shareholder Value. If the Frauenthal-Group cannot support further growth in certain areas, due to limited resources and competences or risk preferences, strategic divestments, in the consideration of the current state of market and options, will carefully be evaluated. Optimizing investment cycles is for the continuing, long-term increase in value of the company essential. Though Frauenthal is not committed to any extern predetermined criteria.

Historically, Frauenthal has pursued a very long-term investment approach. Considering the developments in the private equity market, which is characterized by increasing prices for high liquidity, the objective from 2018 will be to shorten investment cycles.