Preliminary results for 2010

  • Group revenue up by 19% to EUR 539 million (m).

  • Consolidated EBIT seen at EUR 21.5m.

  • Equity ratio expected to climb from 28.3% to over 30%.

  • Liquidity up by only EUR 2m despite revenue growth across the group.

  • Return to profit aided by recovery of commercial vehicle market and restructuring in the Automotive Components Division.

  • Revenue and earnings growth in the Wholesale Plumbing Supplies (SHT) and Industrial Honeycombs divisions.

Following a year of restructuring in 2009 the Frauenthal Group posted a much improved performance in 2010. Revenue was up by 19% year on year to EUR 539m. Growth was driven by the recovery in the Automotive Components Division, which profited from the rebound of the commercial vehicle market, and record figures from the Wholesale Plumbing Supplies (SHT) and Industrial Honeycombs divisions.


EBITDA advanced by EUR 40m year on year to turn positive by EUR 34m, lifted by higher revenue and good capacity utilisation in Automotive Components.


Market conditions are positive for a continued upturn in the truck components business, which is strongly influenced by the economic climate. Wholesale Plumbing Supplies has realistic prospects of recording moderate growth in a flat market due to its strong market position and high service standards. High capacity utilisation is expected to persist in Industrial Honeycombs.


The above figures for 2010 are preliminary, and the final profit and consolidated balance sheet for 2010 will be published on 31 March 2011, after the annual financial statements have been adopted by the Supervisory Board.

Martin Sailer
Frauenthal Holding AG
Erika Hochrieser